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Christmas can be the loneliest place on Earth.

Especially if you’re a teen in a less-than-privileged family.

Chances are it’s a single-parent home, one parent raising two or three children on less on a minimal income.

Chances are the kid will get new socks and underwear for Christmas - that’s all the mom or the dad or the guardian grandmother can possibly afford.

That’s why the Edmonton Sun’s Adopt-A-Teen Christmas Gift program for under-privileged teens was created 14 years ago: To give these teens a Christmas gift. With your help, Adopt-A-Teen will make Christmas 2013 a much happier place for the 8,000 Edmonton teens - 10% of the total teen population - who live in families eligible for Christmas Bureau or Salvation Army assistance.

Each child - for that is what these teenagers are - will received an Adopt-A-Teen $50 Walmart gift card. It’s all theirs, to spend as they want - on themselves, their friends, to buy Christmas gifts for their brothers and sisters.

During the December 8 to 24 campaign, we ask for donations to cover the cost of the WalMart gift cards. Donations can be made on this website,  Just click on the Donate button below.


Fifty dollars takes care of one teen, $100 for two, and so on.  Adopt-A-Teen is an all-volunteer effort spearheaded by the Edmonton Sun and assisted by the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton. Overhead is minimal.

Please tell your friends about Adopt-A-Teen. Ask them to add one or two less-lucky teens to their Christmas gift list, and, between December 8 and 24, to make a donation on this website.

If you know of a family with teens needing a gift, please have the parent or guardian call the Christmas Bureau during office hours at 780 414 7695.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas!


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