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As of Thursday morning, December 21, 2017, Adopt-A-Teen has raised enough funds to take care of a gift, a Walmart $50 gift card, for 3,741 teens.

Which leaves 4,059 teens to go ... and three days to meet our goal.  In dollar amounts, we need to raise $202,950 by Saturday. 

If you can help one teen with a $50 donation, two with $100 and so on, please click on the "donate" button on the homepage of this website.  Any amount is much appreciated. A tax receipt will automatically be sent to your email address.

Tune in this afternoon from 2 p.m. on to the Jason Gregor sports show on  TSN 1260 AM radio.  Jason’s "Pyramid of Giving" campaign hopes to take care of 100 teens.

Kudos to Aurora School in Edmonton.  Through the sale of candy can  "candy-grams"  the students raised $750 for Adopt-A-Teen - gifts for 15 less-than-lucky teens!

Adopt-A-Teen spokesperson and Edmonton Sun reporter Claire Theobald has been writing a daily column about Adopt-A-Teen leading up to Christmas.

Here’s her column from today’s Edmonton Sun: 

Some may call it ugly, but the Edmonton Sun Adopt-A-Teen reminds us of we work so hard to make sure every teen gets a gift at Christmas.

Some may call it ugly, and it may get a little stinky, but whenever I pull on the Edmonton Sun Adopt-A-Teen sweater it reminds me of how it all began and why we work so hard to make sure every teenager in Edmonton gets a gift at Christmas.

 Legend has it Graham Hicks was wearing the so-called Adopt-A-Teen sweater — then just a questionable fashion choice — when he got the call that started it all.

 A single mother reached out to Hicks, heartbroken that she could not afford Christmas gifts for her children.

 What started with a phone call grew over the last 18 years into a charitable initiative that makes sure there is a gift under the tree for thousands of underprivileged teens every year, teens who otherwise would get left out of the holiday celebrations.

 When I first adopted the Adopt-A-Teen initiative, I took on Hick’s tradition of wearing the sweater every day until we met our goal.

 To this day, the sweater is with us wherever we go.

Oversized and multi-coloured, its outward garishness can make it hard to appreciate each of the tiny, intricate stitches that make it whole.

That’s what Adopt-A-Teen is made of, thousands of community members coming together to create something wonderful.

While Adopt-A-Teen has had the benefit of sustaining donors who care for the teens on our list every year, the majority of donations to Adopt-A-Teen are from members of the community giving what they can.

 Pulling on the sweater, its warmth envelopes you, just like the warm feeling of care and support you give a marginalized teen when you give them a gift through Adopt-A-Teen.

 That’s what Adopt-A-Teen is really about. More than a $50 Walmart gift card, your gift makes a teen who is all too often left out feel like they are loved and welcome in our community, the value of which is impossible to quantify.

 When Edmontonians pull together, like the stitches in a sweater, we can make miracles happen for impoverished teens in our city.

 This year, we are hoping to grant a small Christmas wish for 7,800 underprivileged teens.

 Generous donors have already gifted Adopt-A-Teen with $187,053, enough to provide a gift for 3,741 teens on our list.

 But with just a few days left before Christmas, we still have 4,059 teens unaccounted for.

 If you can make room on your Christmas list and in your heart for a teen in need, please consider making a donation to Adopt-A-Teen. Your kindness will not go unnoticed.

 Donations can be made online at or by phone at 780-414-7694.

Donations can also be delivered in person at the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton office at #200 4230 118 Ave. or by mail to Adopt-A-Teen Program, Box 16000, Edmonton, AB, T5J 4B4.


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