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Hello there, great supporters of Adopt-A-Teen.

Thank you for your support  over the first week of the Adopt-A-Teen  Christmas 2015 campaign.

Our goal is to provide 8,600 under-privileged teens in Edmonton with a Christmas gift this year, in the form of an Adopt-A-Teen Walmart $50 gift card. The number represents approximately 10% of all teens ages 13 to 17 living in Edmonton.

Already, generous donors have gifted Adopt-A-Teen with enough funds to take care of 1,653 teens in need. Thank you.

That being said, we still have 6,947 teens to go, and 13 days in which to raise the cash to ensure no teen in this city is  left out this Christmas.

Every year, we’re so touched by the unique and creative ways organizations and individuals think of the teens.

So many give to an unknown teen or teens  .... as their gift to someone who doesn’t really need, or want, excess material things.

Many companies, in the spirit of the season, have making donations to Adopt-A-Teen on behalf of their employees for Christmas.

If your organization or school would like an Adopt-A-Teen speaker,  our honourary chairperson Dan "The Can Man" Johnstone offers as excellent testimony about receiving Adopt-A-Teen gift cards at Christmas, and what that small gesture has meant in his life since.  Dan can be reached at 780-934-4144.

At Eastglen HIgh School, a leadership class is selling sundaes for Adopt-A-Teen, and the teachers are playing a charity basketball game with the school’s Senior Men’s basketball team, all proceeds to Adopt-A-Teen. 

A minor bit of house-keeping:   Please be assured that our online donation form is completely secure - your credit card information is as well protected as any major company with which you make online payments.

Please be patient if our donation phone line  during office hours, at 780-414-7693 is busy. We’re working at opening more lines in the coming days to rectify that problem.

That said, giving to Adopt-A-Teen is getting easier.

Thanks to the city’s firefighters, donations - cash, cheque, credit card - can be made at any fire station in Edmonton.

Cash and cheques (made out to Adopt-A-Teen) can be dropped off at the Edmonton Sun at 10006 101 St., and at the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton at 4230 118 Ave.

Cheques can made out to "Adopt-A-Teen" and mailed to Adopt-A-Teen, c/o The Christmas Bureau, #200, 4230 118 Ave. NW, Edmonton, AB, T5W 1A4.

Thanks so much for your support.  Please tell your friends about Adopt-A-Teen and the need it fills at Christmas.  Your testimony is far and away the best "marketing" the teens could have.

Remember we are an all-volunteer organization - the only administrative funds lie in website maintenance and postage for mailing out both gift-cards and tax receipts. Everything else goes straight to the teens for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!


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