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So far we’re doing well, Edmonton!

As of Monday, Dec. 19, The 2016 Adopt-A-Teen campaign has raised enough funds to cover 3,200 teens!  This is a great start, but we still have to get to 9,000 teens by this Friday!

Teens in Edmonton need your help!

Do something awesome this Christmas and donate to the program!

It feels great to get involved with the program and raise funds for teens who need a hand this year.  Claire Theobald wrote about this in the Edmonton Sun this past weekend.  Sandy DeMaria, a long time supporter of the Adopt-A-Teen program was moved to tears when giving out gift cards to teens during the 2015 campaign.   After handing out a couple of cards last year, DeMaria had trouble containing her emotions!

"I don’t think they realized that they would be getting gift cards themselves, and they were so excited that they practically jumped over the table, and gave me the biggest hug, each of them.  It was such a moving moment," said DeMaria.  You can read more about Sandy and her contribution here:

Thanks Sandy.   Your efforts are appreciated by many people!

Be like Sandy.  Volunteer, donate, and make a difference today!


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